Woodland Community Church
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Performing Arts

The performing arts are those which require an individual or group to perform in front of an audience or on video. At Woodland we have a number of opportunities for you to participate in the performing arts. The following is a list of those opportunities, their definitions, and requirements for participation.

Opportunities for Ministry:
  • Worship Choir: The worship choir is made up of men and women from 18 years of age and up. Anyone with a heart to sing is welcome to join. The choir serves each Sunday as the main support for the worship music in the services. In addition to leading in worship each week, the choir presents several special services during the year. There are opportunities to sing solos by audition if you so desire. The choir meets each Thursday in the choir room at 7:00 p.m. There is no need to audition! Visitors are always welcome.  
  • Worship Band: The heart and soul of instrumental music at Woodland is our Worship Band. This group meets weekly for rehearsal and plays in all four weekend services. Participation is by audition only and the ability to play in all key signatures is required. Those interested in auditioning for the Band should contact the Worship Arts Office.
  • Perspective Drama Team: When drama is done well, it has power. Drama works in churches large and small, and in contemporary, as well as traditional, settings. When people see their own lives reflected on stage, their defenses are lowered and they become more responsive to the truth of the gospel. Perspective Drama sketches are designed to evoke thought and emotion and to open our eyes to our need for a Savior. All who are interested in information about the Perspective Drama team should contact the Worship Arts Office.
  • Dance Team: This group is skilled both in Jazz and Ballet and have a desire to express and communicate their love of God Through dance. This team performs quarterly in our worship services and at other special occasions. Dances are choreographed and strict adherence to the choreography is required. Participation is by audition and interview only.  For more information, contact the Worship Arts Office.