April 30 - Pastor Tim email on Phase 1 Open

Woodland Family!  
We're sorry to hit you with 2 copies of this, but we JUST noticed that we had last weekend's date in there. It should read May 3rd for this upcoming weekend. Here is the revised email. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in the midst of the struggle our world is experiencing due to the coronavirus. It’s great to know that God is bigger than any disease and gives us strength to face each challenge and hope for an eternal future.  
I want to give you an update concerning the next steps Woodland will be taking regarding our worship and other ministries.  
We will be worshipping ONLINE ONLY once again this weekend, May 3rd, at 9:00 and 10:55 am. Please join us at or within our Woodland App! The following weekend, on May 10th, we will be reopening on-campus worship while following the restrictions recommended by our state and national governments. The National Phase One plan, in which Florida will be categorized beginning Monday, May 4th, states the following:
LARGE VENUES (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship) can operate under strict physical distancing protocols.
The key word in these instructions is the word “strict.” We will be following a strict plan to ensure that the six feet distancing protocol is followed. As you can imagine, in large auditoriums like movie theaters and worship centers, it becomes difficult to maintain these guidelines. Our governor has kept movie theaters closed during Phase One, but is allowing churches to meet.
I want to share with you our plan for accomplishing this, but before I do, I want to acknowledge that there are different opinions in regards to how this should be accomplished. This is one of those cases that a consensus decision has not been possible because of the many beliefs regarding what should be done. Recognizing this, after much thought and prayer, I have made some decisions in how we are to approach our re-opening.
Woodland will be beginning worship in phases as the state and nation do the same. This means that worship in Phase One will be different than in Phase Two. Distancing regulations change from strict to moderate moving from the first to second phase and we will adjust our worship plan accordingly. It is our hope that we will move into Phase Two in a short period of time. Phase One will be a very different experience than we are accustomed to as we ensure the health of those who attend. Health is my number one priority which means the worship environment of our worship area is secondary. As believers, we are to care for the welfare of others in all areas of life including the spiritual, emotional, social, mental and physical. It is important that I follow scripture in being blameless knowing that I have done everything in my power for the good of others.  
I understand that there may be many of you who would prefer not to come to campus and worship during Phase One because of the way in which we will be conducting this time to ensure safety. It may be that you choose to wait until Phase Two. As you read these guidelines for Woodland, I believe you will determine what is best for you.
The following is being established as we begin gathering once again:
  • We will have hand sanitizing stations located at each entrance. We ask that everyone sanitize their hands before entering.
  • To avoid gatherings that would be within the six feet regulation, we are asking that you go directly to your place to sit when entering the building without lingering in the lobby areas. We encourage you to meet with friends and family outside of the main entrance maintaining six feet distancing. 
  • We will have masks at the entrance ways for your use, although wearing them has not been made a requirement. Our preference is that they be used. We have a limited number of masks available. Because of this, we are encouraging you to bring a face covering with you if possible. We especially ask that you wear a face covering if you plan on singing during the worship time, knowing that this act releases spray at a distance. 
  • All doors will be left open to avoid the need of touching of handles.
  • The worship center is being set up with the exact number of chairs placed apart from each other according to the 6 feet guideline. All other chairs are being stored. With distancing, there will be approximately 180 chairs. Our typical on campus attendance ranges from 350 to 500 per service. Because of this, we will have an overflow area set up in the Recreation Outreach Center (gymnasium) with seating arranged with six feet distancing. 
  • The offering will be received by utilizing buckets at the entrance way to the worship areas for you to drop in your investment. We encourage you to also continue using online giving which can be accessed through, or through the Woodland App. 
  • We will dismiss attenders after the service in sections to avoid gathering and ask that you move directly out of the building. Doorways in the back of the worship center and on the sides adjacent to the drive will be open for your use. 
  • We know that there are those who want to sit close to your families. We understand this but ask you not to move the chairs. If this is of high value to you, we encourage you to continue to worship with us online at and join us on campus during Phase Two. Again, we are hopeful that we will move into this phase in a short time period. 
  • We will not be providing preschool, children or student ministry on campus during Phase One. This will be added during Phase Two when social distancing will move from strict to moderate. Because of this, we encourage families with children to begin on campus worship during Phase Two. Having children in the worship center is not practical with chairs being spaced at distances where proper care for them is difficult. Our Family Ministry Team is working diligently to create plans for their re-introduction of gathering in Phase 2.
  • We will not be having community groups meet on campus during Phase One. We encourage you to continue meeting via zoom. We will begin meeting on campus during Phase Two.  
I also want you to know that we are working very diligently to make certain that our facilities are safe. We are regularly cleaning with special concentration on places that are frequently touched. We have also contracted to have our gathering areas fumigated to remove any virus that may be present.
Thank you again for your patience as we navigate during these challenging times. Our church family has remained enthusiastic about ministry and has been so kind to our staff and each other as decisions have been made. Thank you for exhibiting such amazing Christian love. Going through difficulties reveals our Christian character and it is awesome to know the character of the Woodland body of believers is strong. Keep praying that we will meet the needs of the hurting and continue expanding the message of Christ in our community and around the world!
Pastor Tim 

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