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Woodland Family!  
During this challenging time, God continues to work through Woodland’s Ministries! Here is an update on our upcoming activities.
Our staff has been hard at work in preparation for upcoming worship experiences. In thinking of ways to provide safe worship and expand on our current structure before Phase 2, we have developed a modified Phase One plan for our current method of doing ministry. In this plan, we have made adjustments in order to maintain proper social distancing while allowing families to attend worship and sit together. Below are the guidelines that will begin on June 7th.
  • The Gateway Center (worship center) will be set up in complete rows. However, every other row will be removed to maintain a six feet distancing between you and those sitting in front of you. You may sit together with family members. We ask you to leave three seats empty between you (or your family unit) and those sitting next to you to maintain distancing.  
  • We will dismiss those attending by section allowing us to control crowding. The doors in the rear of the Gateway Center, as well as the doors along the sides adjacent to the drive, will be open during dismissal. 
  • The offering will be received by utilizing buckets at the entrance/exit ways to the worship area. We encourage you to also continue using online giving which can be accessed through, or through the Woodland App. 
  • The lobby area WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE for gathering (standing and talking with others). The outside area on the patio in front of the Gateway Center will be set up as a place to gather. This provides much more room to be able to maintain social distancing. 
  • We will have hand sanitizing stations located at each entrance for your use.
  • All doors will be left open to avoid the need of touching of handles.
  • Wearing masks will not be a requirement, however, they will be provided for your use if you choose. 
  • Adult Community Groups will begin meeting on campus again. We will be placing groups in rooms that safely accommodate the number of participants as we maintain proper social distancing. This means that some groups may be asked to relocate to another area during this phase. 
  • Children may sit with you in the Gateway Center for worship. 
If we are in Phase 2 by June 7th (which we expect), we will adjust the following from above with all other guidelines remaining the same.
  • Gathering in groups of 10 or fewer will be allowed in the Gateway Lobby while social distancing from other groups. However, we will continue to encourage gathering outside in front of the Gateway Lobby. 
  • At the dismissal of the service, we ask that you take special precaution to remain six feet from those who are around you. We will no longer dismiss by sections (unless crowding becomes an issue). We will continue to open the Gateway Center doors adjacent to the driveway for ease of exiting.
  • Children’s, Preschool and Student Ministries will begin, with our taking special precautions to maintain distancing while in both large group and small group settings. This will be done through seating arrangements and limiting the number of attenders in each small group room. The Treehouse playground will not be available for usage. 
  • The temperatures of preschoolers and children will be taken before entering the ministry areas.
  • Be on the lookout for specific information on preschool and children policies from your Family Ministry Team.
These guidelines are subject to change due to regulations established by the government. We encourage you to make sure you follow CDC recommendations if you are in a high-risk group.

We love you all and looking forward to an exciting future!
Pastor Tim  
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