We are super excited to announce THE BIG FINISH campaign that celebrates and rallies us together for our last few months of construction on our new building!
From April until Fall we have some really exciting events you can be involved with to help champion this BIG FINISH! We have more details on the events page and will continue to update you on each event.
Please go there today to get more details and start planning how you may want to participate! All the events will be inspiring, fun & a great way to gather us back together through the coming months as well as raise the remaining funds for the building.
We are handing out some fun cards at the Welcome Desk to put on your fridges or end tables to remind you to pray over our last leg of construction & giving campaign.

Also, to kick this all off we would like you to write prayers, favorite scripture or special thoughts on the big boards provided in the lobby. Our vision for this is to then take a picture of these boards, frame them and hang in the NEW building! What a great reminder of how family comes together.
For a complete list of all the BIG FINISH Events go here >>>

Future Fund Campaign & LIVE CONsTRUCTION CAM

Investing In the next generation

God is inviting us to shape the future for His glory and His fame. We believe He intends to use our church to bring untold thousands to faith in Manatee County and beyond. Future Fund is a year long capital campaign that flows from Jesus’ mandate to “Go, make disciples…” and seeks to fulfill Woodland’s mission to love God and others by investing in reaching, growing, serving and giving. Future Fund is all about creating space for an even greater level of connection. That’s because lives are transformed in the context of community. When we serve and connect with people who have not yet found faith, we can help them spark a relationship with God. This kind of organic growth – person to person – is at the heart of Woodland’s Community of Ministries.
If you have questions regarding the projects they can be directed to Dewayne McFarlin, Executive Pastor.  His email is

So, join us on the journey of our Future Fund Campaign, where we will seek to raise the funding for 3 milestone items:

MILESTONE 1 : $1,000,000

The Academy Building - The Academy Building Milestone allows us to construct a facility which will house our Administration Offices, space for expansion of Dunn Prep to move into middle school, 2,000 sf of multi-purpose space, and it will allow us to pave parts of our parking lot which aren't currently paved and improve drainage of the parking areas. Our current Administration offices reside in a trailer on the front part of our property.  This trailer was placed into service in April of 2005 with a planned life of 7 years.  Here we are 15 years later and it is in dire need of replacement. We have had mold remediation on it previously and numerous repairs on the roof and it still continues to have mold and leakage issues.  It is also settling, causing the roof to bow between the sections.  This project was originally planned for 2021 - 2022 but the Stewardship Team and Personnel Team requested that we move up the time frame as it endangers the health of our staff to remain there. It was originally planned to be a one-story facility with office and multi purpose space that can sub-divided.  As one large area it will hold up to 125 people or can be four smaller rooms.  This facility has since been revised to add a second floor allowing Dunn Prep to add a middle school.  The total cost of this project is $3.0M.  We plan to use cash to pay for $1.4M. Dunn Prep is taking a loan for $1.2M and we currently have a gap of $400,000.  To allow for the church to pay $1.4M we would have to dip into our reserve funds which are normally 10 weeks of expenses. This is approximately $530,000.  The goal is to not use our reserve funds and cover the existing deficit of $400,000. So, we need approximately $1,000,000 in order to complete this project.

MILESTONE 2 : $300,000

Oasis Center Future Improvements - We are praying and planning to make future improvements to our Oasis Center location in Samoset. We currently have building plans to expand the Oasis Center by enclosing a covered porch adding 715 sf.  This will add approximately 50% to the space currently there.  This will allow us to add to our current ministry there and potentially allow for a church service at some point in the future.

MILESTONE 3 : $487,850

Main Campus Roof Replacement - Our main campus is in need of a roof replacement. It is in continuous need of repair.  We spend large amounts of time and money each year effecting repairs. The plan is to replace the existing roof with a new TPO overlay with a 20 year warranty.  This will be done in sections over a 2-3 year period as funding allows. If we have the funds we could potentially do all of the work at one time. We currently have a bid in the amount of $487,850 to complete this work