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Grow Groups

Study for Women

A six-week video-based Bible study designed for women in order to better understand who they are. Ribology was designed for you to be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to be all God has called you to be. Ribology was birthed out of a sincere desire for a deeper understanding of God’s design for us as women, so together we can play our part more fully to advance His Kingdom. This 6-week study on campus will be led by  Sara Ochs and Jenny McKindles. This study requires a participant guide and Bible. Please contact Jenny McKindles if you have any questions regarding book or bible jenny@gowoodland.com  Registration open now!

Academy For Adults

Registration Opens Wednesday, August 14

Our mission is to impact our community in a transformative way. To equip adults to live spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy lives through teaching, and networking in the context of families, community, and work settings.  

CRT & The Church

STARTING WEDNESDAY August 28 , 2024 @ 6:30PM
Study of Critical Race Theory (CRT), Social Justice (SJ), & the Church led by Jim Hahn. This four session interactive study examines CRT/SJ: its goals; implementation plan; how beliefs compare to Biblical truths; its belief about the Church; the types of churches it attracts; how deeply it is imbedded in our culture; and possibly the only winning response of the Church. The study uses materials from CRT/SJ founders/advocates, critiques by credible theologians & other leaders, comparisons between its teachings & the Bible, and relevant articles describing its
activities, plans & results to date.