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Become a Member of WOodland Today!

At Woodland, we’re FAMILY! Our church community has continued to grow over the years as new people have moved into our area and have found our church to be the place they call home. It’s a place to truly find joy through coming to know God personally and becoming like Christ as we serve those around us. We would love for you to consider joining our family as one of our Ministry Partners. That’s what we call our members here. We’re doing life together as we grow to become more like Jesus and as we share God’s love to those in our community who don’t know Him. Commitment is important in a family and that’s what joining as a Ministry Partner represents. It’s a decision to be a part of something greater than ourselves. It’s also a decision to support those who are a part of the family. By joining Woodland, you’re partnering with others in a unique ministry. They include our church efforts in providing worship opportunities, sharing our faith, helping others grow personally and serving those who are in need. It includes our involvement in the education of children through the Woodland Academy as we help them become everything God has created them to become. We also provide a great place to encourage connections to grow between our family members and our community through our Community Center Ministries utilizing our park and other recreational spaces.
There truly “Ain’t No Church Like the One I Got!” We’re unique and want to invite you to be a part of
us. Will you make the commitment to be a part of our family?