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Parenting with mental health in mind

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28th at 5:00pm
A kid's inner word has the power to shape everything - their social lives, academics, and their overall mental state.

But statistics are showing that anxiety, depression, self-harm, and so many other mental and emotional challenges are on the rise in our kids and teens. If that thought makes you feel overwhelmed or scared, you're not alone. We're here to help!

We've partnered with Dr. Chinwé Williams and Will Hutcherson to provide some essential insights that will help you learn the psychology of what's going on in your kid's brain and science-based, practical tools to help you navigate your kid's mental health. For more information on our hosts, check out their bios below.

Don't miss out on this 1-night event that could change the trajectory of how you parent, how you lead, and how you engage the kids and teens in your life. Register today!!

TICKETS are only $10 each or 2 for $15 and includes a light dinner and the event! Childcare $5 per family regardless of number of kids.

Dr. Chinwé Williams

Chinwé Williams, Ph. D. is a Licensed and Board-Certified therapist, speaker, author, and consultant. She is a former graduate counseling professor, college and high school counselor, and executive coach. She is currently a trainer and consultant for K-12 schools, non-profit, for-profit, faith-based, and corporate work settings. Dr. Williams is a frequently invited expert blog and podcast contributor. Her expertise lies in areas of adolescent, family, and women’s wellness, stress/anxiety management, and trauma recovery.

She is the owner of Meaningful Solutions Counseling Consulting, where she maintains a growing private practice in Roswell, GA serving adolescents, young adults, individuals, and families.

Dr. Williams is the co-author of the best-selling book Seen: Healing Despair and Anxiety in Kids and Teens Through the Power of Connection.

will hutcherson

Will Hutcherson has been a Next Gen and Student Pastor for over 15 years. Over the past several years he has become increasingly passionate about finding practical ways to bring hope to kids and teens who are facing increasing amounts of anxiety, depression, and despair. This led to him starting Curate Hope, a non-profit that focuses on suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and partnering with schools, churches, and parents to help heal despair in teens. Will seeks to build a bridge between the local church and the schools and families that are navigating this mental health crisis. Every year, he speaks in public schools across the country, letting students know that there is always hope. He lives in the sunshine state with his wife Arianne and three kids, where you might find him listening to 90’s R&B or hunting alligators.

Will is a co-author of the Amazon best seller, SEEN: Healing Despair and Anxiety in Kids and Teens Through the Power of Connection.