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Classes Start Fall 2023

Learn with Passion to live with Purpose.

Classes will be back in the Fall 2023

Course durations are 6-8 weeks (check Course description)
Classes are 1 hour Only / Childcare & Kids programming Available

Our mission is to impact our community in a transformative way. To equip adults to live spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy lives through teaching, and networking in the context of families, community, and work settings.  



Lindy Rummery
Lindy is Certified by the Maxwell Leadership Team, the world's largest leadership organization, in teaching, speaking and coaching in leadership skills. She is also certified in DISC Personality Assessments for individuals and teams. Today she is part of a high performing team of fundraisers for the Red Cross, the world's largest humanitarian organization. She dedicates her time to her family first, and is passionate about the development of current and future leaders through classes and coaching, like this one.


Molly Biggs & Sarah Chavous
Molly, a mother of four, and Sarah, a mother of two, have learned so much through parenthood and are determined to keep learning and refining. Parenting through the Phases is the foundation for Woodland Kidz programming and is a researched-based study to help parents better understand their children’s needs at each phase.  This class is for moms, dads, grandparents, single, or married, parents of littles or grads - ANYONE who wants to learn more about the stages and phases of childhood. We invite you to join us as we take out some of the guess work; join together to support each other; and spend six weeks studying how we can make those short 936 weeks with our children purposeful, intentional, and joyful.  We think this class will be just what you need - authentic  connection with other parents who are willing to embrace the fact that none of us are perfect parents and encourage each other with grace and fresh perspective.


John & Rochelle Ward
John & Rochelle have been married for 26 years, and have 3 daughters, a wonderful son in-law and 3 gorgeous grandkids.  They have led the Marriage Ministry for 3 years at Woodland. They are passionate about healthy marriages and how they can transform families and build legacy. Their testimony starts with being very young and newly married when their circumstances moved them in with Rochelle's grandparents.  The Grandparents poured so much into them at that time, if they had not lived with them they would not have had the experience of seeing a healthy and loyal marriage walked out on a daily basis. Witnessing that daily walk turned out to be one of the biggest blessings God has given to their marriage.
They are excited to go on this journey of marriage with you!


Bryan Lingle
Bryan K Lingle is the Pastor of Adult Ministries for Woodland Community Church. He is married to his high school sweetheart Michelle and they have been married for 30 years. They have 7 children, way too many to list! Bryan is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College with a B.S. in Christian Life and Ministry, with a focus on Biblical Counseling. Bryan has been in adult education ministry for 20 years, focusing on Biblical Counseling, Financial Coaching and Leadership Development. Bryan is a Dave Ramsey trained financial coach, offering one on one budgeting basic coaching and leading Financial Peace University classes over the past 15 years. Bryan is John Maxwell certified leadership coach and a Arbinger Institute certified facilitator. Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife Michelle and traveling, now that the 7 kids are grown adults.


Jennifer & Tim Passmore
Jennifer is the Executive Director of the Woodland Academy and oversees the daycare, elementary school, middle school and fine arts academy. She has a broad range of personal experience in assisting with conflict resolution between students, parents and personnel.
Tim is the Senior Pastor of Woodland Community Church and provides oversight for all its ministries including Woodland’s congregation, the academy and the church’s ministries to reach those in our community. Through his working with people and his training in psychology and leadership, he provides insight into practical ways to understand and compliment each other in the context of relationships.


Josi King
Josi has a formal education in Psychology and was a teacher at Dunn Prep/Woodland Academy in the elementary school for 8 years. For many years, Josi has sought out answers for her own chronic health conditions and childhood trauma. She believes that by making small shifts in our mind, body, and spiritual health we can feel our best and live intentionally in our God-given purpose. You can find her on social media under Live More Naturally, which seeks to educate on the root cause of what ails us and encourage change with Biblical truth. Josi is excited to empower others about their health and wellness by teaching the WAFA Wellness Course. She wants everyone to know it’s never too late to learn something new and break old habits that don’t suit us anymore. She loves to chat about all things related to our nervous systems, trauma, health, and God’s goodness.

Biblical Studies

Dewayne McFarlin
Dewayne is the Executive Pastor at Woodland Community Church. Prior to going full time on church staff in 2008, Dewayne spent 20 years in Christian Publishing.  He led the business aspects of two significant multi-million dollar Bible translation projects.  1) The Holman Christian Standard Bible which was a 4 year, $12 million dollar project to create a readable Bible in contemporary English from reliable early manuscripts in an effort to equip serious Bible students with an accurate translation based on optimal equivalence.  Optimal equivalence is the balancing of word for word translation and thought for thought where an English word might not exist.  When a literal translation exists it is used.  When clarity and readability demand it, an idiomatic translation is used. 2) Holman Mandarin Translation which was a 4 year, $10 million dollar project using the same methodology to create a translation from early Greek and Hebrew manuscripts into Mandarin without first converting into English.  

WAFA Director:

Danielle DeJesus

Spiritual Formation Director
Danielle serves as Woodland’s Spiritual Formation Director. She is using her leadership, business, and ministerial skills to lead the Woodland Academy for Adults.  She has a degree from Temple University in Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. She has over 20 years of experience working with adults and students of all ages in a variety of settings. Danielle spent 8 years growing a children’s fitness franchise where she led a staff of certified instructors and sports coaches to positively impact a community of childcare facilities and families in the area of health and fitness education. 

Also, Danielle  was a part of a curriculum development team for a non-profit organization, F.Y.I Framing Young Individuals. She co-wrote and taught character development classes in elementary, middle, high schools and to community leaders. She has served in children, youth, and worship ministries for many years. She has a passion for developing relationships with people and leading them closer to abundant life in Christ.  

Danielle is a wife and mother of two children. She believes that education is endless and that we should never stop learning.



Course Title: The laws of growth

6 week Course

Discover what it means to tap into your unlimited potential andbecome all that you can be! The most published author on thetopic of leadership in the world, John C. Maxwell, has turnedhis attention to the subject of personal growth. Why? BecauseJohn has practiced personal growth his entire life and attributeshis remarkable success to his commitment to becoming a lifelonglearner.

This class reminds us that potential is one of the mostpowerful things you can learn about yourself. A person’s potentialopens the door to possibilities, it heralds hope, and it unveilsgreatness. In this Laws of Growth course, we will learn what is atthe core of developing yourself so that you have the best chance of becoming the person you werecreated to be. This course is an abridged look at content based on the book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell. 

  • Week 1 - Intro and The Law of Intentionality
  • Week 2 - The Law of Consistency
  • Week 3 - The Law of Environment
  • Week 4 - The Law of Pain
  • Week 5 - The Law of the Rubberband
  • Week 6 - The Law of Tradeoffs and Closing Comments



6 week Course 

The Bible gives clear instruction on the importance of handling money in a way that honors God and blesses those that do so. In this study you will cover the following:

  • Lesson 1 - Ownership Matters
  • Lesson 2 - Why I need a budget 
  • Lesson 3 - Discipline is necessary
  • Lesson 4 - Every dollar needs a home
  • Lesson 5 - Victory strategies for keeping the peace in your finances
  • Lesson 6 - Practice can make you wealthy
At the end of each class you will be given a budgeting worksheet to complete before the next week's class. Upon completion of this course you will have the foundation of a functional household budget in place.
Please contact Bryan Lingle with any questions.


Course Title: Parenting through the phases

6 week Course

936 weeks. That’s the approximate time you have from the moment your child is born until he or she graduates from high school. It goes by fast, and kids change and grow quickly. It can make the responsibility to shape a child’s faith and character feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to! We want to help you make the most of each phase of your child’s life. So, join us for Parenting Through the Phases, a large group teaching and small group discussion experience for parents.
Instructors: Molly Biggs & Sarah Chavous
Session Headers:
Week 1: Start the Countdown - When you see how much time you have left, you tend to get serious about the time you have now.

Week 2: Rediscover Your Kid Every Year - Every phase is a timeframe in a kid’s life to leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future.

Week 3: Make History One Week at a Time - When you invest in your kid every week, you are giving them a relational and emotional history that sets them up for the right kind of future.

Week 4: Talk About What Matters - When you know what you want to be true in your kid’s life, it will help you stay focused, prioritize your efforts, and maintain perspective.

Week 5: Connect Your Kid to a Bigger Story - If you want to help a kid have a better future, then help them understand how to love God.

Week 6: Create a Rhythm in Your Home - It’s what you do in the everyday moments of life that will make the lasting impressions on your kid’s heart.


Course Title: Be well. Nutrition Class

6 week Course

God wants us to thrive. Mind. Body. Spirit. Come take a journey to learn about how your body works and what the latest scientific research says about nutrition. We will also learn about the important factors that impact the nutrition our body needs, all while learning Biblical truth about who God says we are and why our body is a temple designed to glorify Him in all we do.
Instructor: Josi King
Session 1- Our bodies and how God designed them to work.
Session 2- Science-backed research on nutritional needs.
Session 3- Factors that impact nutritional needs.
Session 4- Eating for optimal health and wellness.
Session 5- How our mind is connected to eating.
Session 6- Where to start. Formulate a plan of action to get your body feeling its best.


Course Title: Can we just get along 

6 week Course

Are you experiencing conflict in your relationships? You may be going through difficulties in your
marriage or with your child, a co-worker, a friend or a neighbor. What can you do to overcome the
friction between you? During this course, you’ll be learning the key elements that affect the health of
relationships. They include building trust, understanding expectations, appreciating personalities, a
willingness to forgive, being humble and practicing emotional intelligence. By mastering each you’ll
learn how to give peace a chance!


COurse Title: 5 Love Languages

6 week Course

People give and receive love in different ways. In this course we will learn the 5 most important areas in which your preferences affect your relationships, especially with your spouse.
These areas include:
Acts of Service
Receiving Gifts
Quality Time
Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch 

We will teach you how to strengthen your relationship in these areas by helping you learn your own language individually, then learn to speak your spouse's language effectively.  You will also have access to practical real life applications. On day one you will walk away with the tools to grow closer to each other and communicate your love in a way that is understood and received by your spouse. This will be a fun and interactive course with a Godly perspective in light of His love. In today's busy world it never hurts to have what you need in your back pocket in order to fully invest in your marriage no matter what stage you are in.

In this study, couples will:

  • The Word "Love"
  • Discovering the Love Languages
  • Identifying the Love Languages
  • Speaking the Love Languages
  • Recognizing the Love Languages
  • Conclusion


COurse Title: The Book of John

6 week Course

Have you ever read scripture and then wondered exactly what God was saying to you?  As we take this journey through the book of John, we will be praying for the Holy Spirit to reveal God's plan to us.  The Gospel of John gives us the story behind the gospels.  While being one of the easiest books to read, John is also one of the most profound books to understand.  This class will be a discussion class.  As such, you will have homework each week.  The homework will be to read 2 to 3 chapters in John and answer a few questions to help facilitate your thinking and praying through that section.  Prior to coming to the first class you should read John chapter 1.   
Week 1 - Introduction and review of Chapter 1 - Meet Jesus' cousin and who he proclaims Jesus to be
Week 2 - Chapters 2, 3, and 4
 Chp 2 - the first miracle
 Chp 3- the most well known verse of scripture in the world today, who did Jesus say it to and what does it mean for us?
 Chp 4 - Jesus' conversation with the woman at the well.  Explore her emotions as she wonders about the most interesting and perceptive man she has ever met.
Week 3 - Chapters 5 and 6 - We explore more miracles:
 - The healing of the man who couldn't walk
 - The feeding of the 5,000
 - Walking on water
Week 4 - Chapters 7 and 8
 - The Feast of Tabernacles, why did Jesus cause a stir?
 - A glimpse into the promise of the Holy Spirit
 - An adulteress forgiven
 - Who does Jesus say he is, self testimony.
Week 5 - Chapters 9 and 10
 - Jesus heals a blind man
 - Jesus reveals himself as the Good Shepherd causing controversy (is it the same way today?)
Week 6 - Chapters 11 and 12, ending with a summary of Jesus' mission from Chapter 12.
 - Lazarus dies and is resurrected by Jesus
- Triumphal entry
- Jesus' mission

We will have a preview into chapters 13 and 14 if time allows.

We have the kids covered Too

Kidz Choir: During the school year, 3 year olds to 5th graders can participate in Woodland Kidz Choir 5:45 to 6:30pm.  Kidz Choir is a time for children to use their gifts and talents to praise God. Each Wednesday, kids will learn about worship and prepare songs for a variety of performances throughout the year.

INTERSECTION for Elementary age kids: At 6:30 to 7:30pm during the school year, we offer a ministry called Intersection for Elementary age kids. Intersection is where faith and life come together. Kids will experience faith, life skills, team work, and fun during intersection to help them navigate our current world. Intersection is only for those kids whose parents attend the Woodland Adult Academy Classes, in a community group, or are serving.
Childcare is available for preschool/nursery age during this time.

Indicate Kidz needs on registration form for Academy!